Will Once Upon a Time’s Mulan End Up With Aurora?


ABC’s once upon a Time is one of their most popular shows, especially among the young adult audience; the series, which is inspired by various fairy tales and classic literature stories, is currently in the middle of its 4th season. Throughout the show’s multiple seasons, it has introduced a number of different characters, storylines, and relationships. While many of the show’s relationships are based on their fairytale counterparts—Snow White and Prince Charming being the most notable example—the show has introduced relationships that go outside their traditional stories.


One of the most popular examples of this has been the storyline of Mulan and Aurora. Both characters were introduced in the beginning of season 2 and have showed up sporadically since the middle of that season. In season 3, it was revealed that Mulan, played by Jamie Chung, secretly loved Aurora. Mulan decided to reveal this love to Aurora after a speech given by Robin Hood, however, when she went to tell Aurora about her feelings, Aurora first revealed that she and Philip were expecting a child. Mulan decided not to say anything and joined Robin Hood’s band—though she has not been seen since that episode.

Despite the general lack of Mulan and Aurora since the third season, many fans have been wondering if the writers may decide to end up with Mulan and Aurora together. Let’s take a closer look at two of the main arguments for and against the writers going with this relationship.

For: The two have more of an established bond

Mulan and Aurora have more of an established bond than Aurora and Philip, or even Mulan and Philip. The second season made it very obvious that Mulan—who initially was somewhat cold to Aurora, due to her perception of Aurora as a helpless princess—grew to care about her very much, even risking her life to save Aurora. Aurora returned that favor and the two definitely developed a close relationship.once-upon-a-time-crew

Against: It would mean breaking up a canon couple

As of yet, the show has never fully broken up a “canon” couple, or a couple that was together in the fairy tales or Disney film counterparts. Mulan and Aurora ending up together would mean that Philip and Aurora would have to end their relationship, which seems like an unlikely move. Especially since Aurora has already had Philip’s child. Just go to this website to find more online entertainment options with Charter Spectrum Internet.