What To Expect From Tomorrowland?

The new science fiction mystery adventure film, Tomorrowland, was produced and co-written by Bird and Damon Lindelof and directed by Brad Bird. Tomorrowland was first introduced by Walt Disney Pictures under the title 1952, but Tomorrowland seemed more suitable given the fact that the film revolves around a futuristic themed land. The movie’s release date is scheduled for May 22nd, 2015.


Sean Bailey of Walt Disney Studios green-lit the project in June of 2011 during the time that Damon Lindelof made it official he would write and produce the film. Brad Bird was hired as director in May of 2012 and George Clooney appeared on the scene in November of the same year. In February of 2013 Hugh Laurie joined the movie. On October 9th, 2014 the teaser trailer was released and a sneak-peak will be revealed in mid-April.

George Clooney stars in Tomorrowland as the grizzled inventor Frank Walker; Hugh Laurie will be playing the part of David Nix; Britt Robertson as Casey Newton; Tim McGraw as Casey’s die-hard father; Thomas Robinson as Frank Walker in his earlier days; Raffey Cassidy as Athena; and Kathryn Hahn as Ursula. Keegan-Michael Key; Garry Chalk; and Judy Greer are also included in the cast of Tomorrowland.
The synopsis is somewhat mysterious by this point as Disney may want to keep the story secret until it is released, but so far the following is floating around the internet. The boy-genius, 11-year-old Frank Walker first discovered Tomorrowland in another dimension at the 1964 World Fair. There he encountered David Nix, the villain, and Athena who he would fall in love with. Eventually Frank came to learn that Athena was a robot, sometime after which Nix threw him out of Tomorrowland. Frank does not come into play again until he is much older, and Nix is the corrupt mayor of Tomorrowland.
Young, optimistic, and bright Casey, the hero, becomes a pivotal part of the story along with Athena who has not aged since Frank last saw her. They work together on a mission to save the world and uncover the secrets buried in Tomorrowland. Initially it was assumed that Tomorrowland might involve the extraterrestrial, possibly even some connection to Star Wars, but now it is beginning to appear that won’t be the case. Tomorrowland is likely going to be a science fiction tale centered around robots and separate dimensions. There are not yet any reviews about the film since it has not been released, so people can only speculate at how the movie will play out with what they know—the cast, director, writer, and so forth. Anticipation is high about the new movie which has yet to be released to the public.