5 Hot Internet of Things to Expect in 2017

2017 is the year of Internet of Things. No, this is not yet another typical industry prophecy which will be repeated come 2018. There are clear indications that a lot of bugs that plagued the IoT industry for the past couple of years have been plugged.

While it is not perfect yet, it is surely taking off and amassing users. For this reason, brands will be forced to adopt this technology or adapt to the challenges it poses. Below are some of the biggest IoT changes to be expected in 2017.

Voice Assistants Will Become Integral Members of Our Home

With Siri, Apple showed that voice assistants can be cool and useful at the same time. But, Siri continues to be a plaything of the tech savvy. It is Amazon that got the mainstream consumers using a voice assistant for their daily needs.

With Echo and Alexa, Amazon has successfully entered the homes of even those who cannot recognize it as an IoT product. The success of a technology product is in its acceptance by the mainstream consumers, not the hobbyists or tech bloggers. Therefore, unlike Apple’s Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s success with its voice assistant technology is truly a milestone in this industry.

This has paved the way for Google Home voice assistant, which promises a deep integration across your entire digital life with your Google account. Perhaps, voice is the bait the consumers were waiting for to get pulled into the world of IoT.

Advanced Wearables

At the moment, wearables continue to be those fancy new things that most consumers do not see much value in. However, there has been a steady increase in the number of early adopters of these devices, which in turn has resulted in a surge in data collected from those devices.

Using this data, brands, developers, manufacturers, and data scientists will be able to analyze and understand the usage patterns of the users. They can then come up with more features which will be useful to a broader set of consumers.

As more consumers use the technology, it will in turn increase the data collected from them exponentially. This virtuous cycle will fire up a cutthroat competition in IoT devices and technology, which will percolate to better IoT products across industries.

Data Retrieval

The data from wearables will be put to similar applications as data from social media. In the case of wearables, the brands will start developing custom algorithms to retrieve specific data that they need to make decisions about their brands and products.

Going forward, this will spawn a whole new industry with access to consumer wearables-generated data. They will then offer their services to brands and businesses to help them make better decisions. That’s right, exactly like social media.

Thanks to such algorithms, brands will be able to analyze the effect of their marketing campaigns in real time, and make improvements to them. Needless to say, such data will be worth millions, and perhaps even billions, of dollars to the right players in the market.

Security of IoT Devices and Data

Considering the potential worth of all the data generated from IoT devices, they will be at an increased risk of attacks from elements looking to sell it in the shadow market. In anticipation of such attacks, IoT manufacturers and businesses developing softwares for them will be under increased pressure to develop secure systems to protect their consumers’ data.

At present, because of the limited market penetration of IoT devices, their security infrastructure is not as “secure” as one would hope it to be. But, as their penetration has increased this year, security will finally take the center stage in the product development and maintenance life cycles.

Smart Cities Are Not in the Far Future Anymore

Despite what many people believe, government departments are usually among the first to accept new technology if it is capable of delivering immediate tangible benefits. The technology heads of some of the biggest municipalities in the US are realizing the practical benefits of IoT products and services.

Cost savings, increased safety, better quality of life, and direct boost to local businesses are some of the areas where IoTs can work wonders. So tomorrow, don’t be surprised if you come across smart lightings, smart parking centers, smart meters, smart healthcare systems, and so on in your neighborhood. It is all part of the same evolving organism that is IoT, which is here to improve your life in every possible way.


Television streaming on all devices and services compared

Which TV Streaming Service is Right For You?

It was only a very short time ago, a few years ago even, that most people watched their TV shows on a schedule. The broadcasters of course, planned this schedule out in advance.  If something important was going on when your TV show was running you were just out of luck. Since that time things have changed quite drastically and TV has evolved to accommodate our own schedule.

Some people still choose to watch television on satellite TV or cable TV, but a lot of other options are now available which allow us to watch online videos basically whenever we want. With Internet or Wifi we can watch TV just about anyplace, any time. We can enjoy our entertainment on the big television screen or on our phones, tablets, and computers. The options have definitely expanded from where they were ten years ago.

There are a lot of possibilities for the future of TV, who knows what a year or ten years may hold. Whatever that may be, and there are a lot of theories, we do know for certain that here and now there are a plethora of TV streaming services. All of them are a little different, from the content they offer, to the way you can view your shows, to the prices. The best TV streaming service really just depends on your needs and wants; what is most important to you. There are a lot of different options and elements to explore when you consider the best TV streaming service you.


Netflix streaming service online television

You have most likely heard of Netflix and you probably even know quite a bit about it. Netflix has two different services integrated into one. You can select movies to be sent to you in the mail and you can browse through their online selection. Netflix is competing with other similar service providers, like Amazon’s Lovefilm, for example.

Some people consider Netflix to be a somewhat pricey option for a TV streaming service, and there are cheaper choices out there. Plus, the other downside is that you can’t download content to a device and watch it somewhere else when you don’t have WiFi. Netflix still operates on a variety of different devices, including many game consoles, tablets, computers, iOS devices, Internet-enabled TVs, Apple TV, Blue-ray players, and more. So, basically, if you go with Netflix you will be able to watch it.

Sometimes it is frustrating finding a movie or TV show you love on Netflix. They do have a great and impressive selection of content, but definitely not everything. There are evidently around 6,000 movie titles on Netflix, so many people say that it is a good choice for movie buffs. Netflix also boasts some pretty popular original content, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Hulu Plus

Hulu tv streaming Original The Mindy Project

One major competitor in league with Netflix is Hulu Plus. Although Hulu does offer a selection of free content, in order to view full seasons and the rest of the Hulu library you will need to subscribe. Rates are about the same as Netflix at $8 a month. Hulu also offers one major perk that gives it an edge over other streaming providers. Rather than being able to stream content months or even a year after airing, Hulu has a selection of next-day shows that can be viewed almost immediately after they air on television. Of course there is also Hulu original content like The Thick of It, The Mindy Project, The Path, and others. One of the biggest downsides to Hulu is the fact that they have ads–unless you pay a few extra dollars per month.

BBC iPlayer

BBC Iplayer streaming television online

The BBC is a very popular and long-standing British television network that has brought entertainment to Britain for many decades. The United States even enjoys a lot of the TV shows which air on this great station. Before the iPlayer even hit the market requests were being made for it.

The BBC iPlayer is essentially an online catch-up facility and it is an extremely popular service. Most of the content on the iPlayer consists of TV shows, but there are some movies. The content on the service may be viewed for at least seven days after it has been made available, but sometimes the content stays on for longer.

If you are a frequent flyer or you make a lot of commutes, the iPlayer offers a pretty cool advantage you may like (if you like the BBC and it is available in your area.) You can download content from the BBC unto your iPad or iPhone via an app and then take the entertainment with you when you leave. It will expire after a period of 30 days, so it is not as though you own the content, but this should give you plenty of time to watch your favorite shows. iPlayer also features high definition content.

Besides all this, iPlayer allows you to watch live TV too. The live TV viewed on the BBC iPlayer is mostly sports broadcasts. It even broadcasts the radio. Overall it is a pretty versatile service.

ITV Player

ITV streaming movies and television online app

This popular service was previously called ITV Online.  They offer quite a few programs that can be found on cable and satellite broadcasted channels. This is why it is one good option for those who may be thinking about switching from cable but want to enjoy a lot of the same content. In general the service is pretty popular but there are advertisements that clutter the available content.

What is sort of unfortunate about ITV is that they will charge for older archive content and shows that initially broadcasted more than a week previous.


Youtube television red streaming new

You may not quite think of Youtube as a streaming TV service, but it was definitely one of the biggest Internet revolutions of the 21st centuries and it does offer a selection of video entertainment, so to speak. When talking about actual television and movies Youtube doesn’t really fit the bill at all, but they do have a vast selection of videos, and sometimes the videos do relate to movies and TV. In fact, you can also rent content from YouTube as well. Flicks are usually a couple of dollars.

YouTube has given every ordinary individual the power and ability to create entertaining videos, which is pretty awesome. You can find a ton of content onYouTube and it is usually quite sufficient for entertainment and even education.

Plus, of course, YouTube is free and you can watch it anywhere, anytime as long as you have Internet and a device that will support it.

LoveFilm Instant

Lovefilm instant show

One of the biggest advantages, which LoveFilm has over Netflix, is their postal add-on service, which features a pretty impressive selection of Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. As for instant streaming, Lovefilm has more than 4,000 titles, with series punched into one. There are actually about 9,000 individual episodes and movies. That is quite a few hours of content and quite a selection to choose from. Lovefilm also has some content and comedies from Amazon Studios.

Charter Communications Helps You Do More

When you have work, the kids have school and the everybody is on a different schedule, life can get hectic. When do you get the time you need for personal relaxation? Charter TV wants to provide for your personal entertainment needs at home. This provider puts everything you need at your fingertips, so that you have less running around to do and more time to enjoy yourself.

Use the On Demand and Specials and Events options this provider gives. Get new movie releases or live action events that make it quick and easy to get quality entertainment at home. The Charter TV On Demand selection offers thousands of choices that are available 24/7, making it easy and convenient for you.

Charter TV also provides hundreds of channels, in HD and standard, so no matter what type of TV you have, you can get the programming you want, in the format you need.

When you want to catch up on the season’s top series, just record it. You can make your own marathons and watch them on your own time. You have options with this provider that allow you to fit your personal time into your busy schedule.

Wireless Freedom
Charter Internet provides top WiFi services for up to ten devices, at speeds that reach over 50 Mbps. You can connect to the net from your gaming console, tablet, iPhone, iPad or laptop. Relax with TV programming or with your favorite social site. The choice is yours.

Charter Internet also offers online security software that provides protection from malware and from Parental Controls. You can keep your personal information private while you surf, chat, bank online and network. Your children can get online with more protection while they play their games and talk to friends and family all over the world.

This provider offers several different internet packages, so you are sure to find the one that fits your online needs the best.

Catch Up Affordably
When you need to reach friends and family all over the country, don’t pay to call long distance. Charter Phone offers unlimited local and long distance calls within the US for a set monthly rate. Pay one rate and get one service that provides for all of your home calling needs. This service even comes with digital calling features and digital voice mail for no additional charge.

When you have to make those overseas calls, Charter Phone provides International rates. These rates are low enough that you can talk when you need to, without paying expensive monthly rates you don’t want.

Bundled Joy
You have a set monthly budget to operate in. Charter Cable can give you money-saving discounts in a Bundled service package. Get the three home services you need, in one monthly bill, for one monthly rate. You can even pay this bill online, so you spend less time with checks and stamps. Don’t spend more than you should. Get everything you need, at the price you want, with Charter Cable.

Baltimore Podiatrist Treats Toenail Fungus with Laser

Onychomycosis is also known as toenail fungus. According to the Physician’s Desktop Reference, toenail fungus can affect as much as 10 to 14 percent of the US population. Of these 10 to 14 percentage, 25 to 40 percent of sufferers are ages 60 and over.

As stated in Wikipedia, the most common symptoms for Onychomycosis are the discoloration and thickening of the nail. It can turn green, white, yellow or black with the skin around the nail flaking or turning white or yellow. Also, the nail can come away from the finger or toe altogether, leaving the skin surrounding it and underneath it swollen and painful. Unless the disease is advanced severely, there are usually no other symptoms or pain in any other part of the body.

In the past, sufferers have had to endure treatments that took a long time or that only got rid of part of the infection. However, Dr. Mark E. Spier, a leading podiatrist in Baltimore, Maryland, has a quicker and easier solution. As a forefoot and reconstructive foot surgeon, Dr. Spier has been able to use his practice to effectively treat toenail fungus infections using the PinPointe FootLaser. He has also used other treatments that have been successful and innovative.

Dr. Spier has used the FootLaser for four years in the treatment of more than 2000 patients from his office in Baltimore, Maryland. It only requires about 30 minutes of the patient’s time, without leaving any side effects or causing pain during treatments. While there may be some minor discomfort to the patient, as in a slight tingling or burning, the patient can have the treatment pain-free, offering a fast, effective cure for a condition that used to take a lot of time to get rid of.

As one patient stated, “The procedure was painless and didn’t take long at all. Dr. Spier and his staff are very friendly and professional and give their patients the very best of care! I couldn’t be happier with my new toenails.”

Anyone can contract a toenail fungus. It can be contracted through the use of public pools and locker rooms. It can also occur as a result of physical activity without the necessary foot care afterward. While it can be embarrassing, people don’t have to suffer with it for long. The PinPointe FootLaser was designed to effective cure it in a short period of time.

Find out more about this Baltimore Podiatrist.