Asheville Attorney Perry Fisher Celebrates 5 Years of Highest Legal Rating

When an attorney receives a favorable Martindale-Hubbell rating, it is an
honor. The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating provides an honest
assessment of an attorney’s professional capability with an unbiased look
at the ethical standard that he or she operates with. The review looks at
evaluations given from other lawyers and by the judiciary in Canada and
the US. These reviews cannot be bought or cajoled by mutual nominations.
They must be earned through experience, high professional standards and
expertise in legal skills that are above common or average performance.

Perry Fisher, of Fisher Stark Cash, P.A., a legal firm in Asheville, NC, has received an
AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell for the last five consecutive
years. Fisher Stark Cash, P.A., the office Perry practices from, has also
received this highly coveted review, showing the practice and the attorney
to be at the top of their fields. The AV award is the highest
Martindale-Hubbell rating possibly attained. It is awarded based on
anonymous information given by attorneys and judges practicing in the same
area of law. This information is collected and combined to build an
ethical and professional picture of the attorney being reviewed. Only
about five percent of the current number of lawyers in the US ever
achieves such a rating.

Upon receiving this high review for the fifth consecutive year, Fisher
responded, “I am very honored and humbled to receive this professional
distinction from my peers recognizing what I feel is a history of
providing outstanding service to my clients, and I look forward to
continuing to serve my clients.”

Perry Fisher started practicing law in wrongful death, personal injury and
traumatic brain injury law in 1987. He has experience in representing
personal injury plaintiffs in more than 140 jury trials. Fisher is
dedicated to serving his community and his clients.