Television streaming on all devices and services compared

Which TV Streaming Service is Right For You?

It was only a very short time ago, a few years ago even, that most people watched their TV shows on a schedule. The broadcasters of course, planned this schedule out in advance.  If something important was going on when your TV show was running you were just out of luck. Since that time things have changed quite drastically and TV has evolved to accommodate our own schedule.

Some people still choose to watch television on satellite TV or cable TV, but a lot of other options are now available which allow us to watch online videos basically whenever we want. With Internet or Wifi we can watch TV just about anyplace, any time. We can enjoy our entertainment on the big television screen or on our phones, tablets, and computers. The options have definitely expanded from where they were ten years ago.

There are a lot of possibilities for the future of TV, who knows what a year or ten years may hold. Whatever that may be, and there are a lot of theories, we do know for certain that here and now there are a plethora of TV streaming services. All of them are a little different, from the content they offer, to the way you can view your shows, to the prices. The best TV streaming service really just depends on your needs and wants; what is most important to you. There are a lot of different options and elements to explore when you consider the best TV streaming service you.


Netflix streaming service online television

You have most likely heard of Netflix and you probably even know quite a bit about it. Netflix has two different services integrated into one. You can select movies to be sent to you in the mail and you can browse through their online selection. Netflix is competing with other similar service providers, like Amazon’s Lovefilm, for example.

Some people consider Netflix to be a somewhat pricey option for a TV streaming service, and there are cheaper choices out there. Plus, the other downside is that you can’t download content to a device and watch it somewhere else when you don’t have WiFi. Netflix still operates on a variety of different devices, including many game consoles, tablets, computers, iOS devices, Internet-enabled TVs, Apple TV, Blue-ray players, and more. So, basically, if you go with Netflix you will be able to watch it.

Sometimes it is frustrating finding a movie or TV show you love on Netflix. They do have a great and impressive selection of content, but definitely not everything. There are evidently around 6,000 movie titles on Netflix, so many people say that it is a good choice for movie buffs. Netflix also boasts some pretty popular original content, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Hulu Plus

Hulu tv streaming Original The Mindy Project

One major competitor in league with Netflix is Hulu Plus. Although Hulu does offer a selection of free content, in order to view full seasons and the rest of the Hulu library you will need to subscribe. Rates are about the same as Netflix at $8 a month. Hulu also offers one major perk that gives it an edge over other streaming providers. Rather than being able to stream content months or even a year after airing, Hulu has a selection of next-day shows that can be viewed almost immediately after they air on television. Of course there is also Hulu original content like The Thick of It, The Mindy Project, The Path, and others. One of the biggest downsides to Hulu is the fact that they have ads–unless you pay a few extra dollars per month.

BBC iPlayer

BBC Iplayer streaming television online

The BBC is a very popular and long-standing British television network that has brought entertainment to Britain for many decades. The United States even enjoys a lot of the TV shows which air on this great station. Before the iPlayer even hit the market requests were being made for it.

The BBC iPlayer is essentially an online catch-up facility and it is an extremely popular service. Most of the content on the iPlayer consists of TV shows, but there are some movies. The content on the service may be viewed for at least seven days after it has been made available, but sometimes the content stays on for longer.

If you are a frequent flyer or you make a lot of commutes, the iPlayer offers a pretty cool advantage you may like (if you like the BBC and it is available in your area.) You can download content from the BBC unto your iPad or iPhone via an app and then take the entertainment with you when you leave. It will expire after a period of 30 days, so it is not as though you own the content, but this should give you plenty of time to watch your favorite shows. iPlayer also features high definition content.

Besides all this, iPlayer allows you to watch live TV too. The live TV viewed on the BBC iPlayer is mostly sports broadcasts. It even broadcasts the radio. Overall it is a pretty versatile service.

ITV Player

ITV streaming movies and television online app

This popular service was previously called ITV Online.  They offer quite a few programs that can be found on cable and satellite broadcasted channels. This is why it is one good option for those who may be thinking about switching from cable but want to enjoy a lot of the same content. In general the service is pretty popular but there are advertisements that clutter the available content.

What is sort of unfortunate about ITV is that they will charge for older archive content and shows that initially broadcasted more than a week previous.


Youtube television red streaming new

You may not quite think of Youtube as a streaming TV service, but it was definitely one of the biggest Internet revolutions of the 21st centuries and it does offer a selection of video entertainment, so to speak. When talking about actual television and movies Youtube doesn’t really fit the bill at all, but they do have a vast selection of videos, and sometimes the videos do relate to movies and TV. In fact, you can also rent content from YouTube as well. Flicks are usually a couple of dollars.

YouTube has given every ordinary individual the power and ability to create entertaining videos, which is pretty awesome. You can find a ton of content onYouTube and it is usually quite sufficient for entertainment and even education.

Plus, of course, YouTube is free and you can watch it anywhere, anytime as long as you have Internet and a device that will support it.

LoveFilm Instant

Lovefilm instant show

One of the biggest advantages, which LoveFilm has over Netflix, is their postal add-on service, which features a pretty impressive selection of Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. As for instant streaming, Lovefilm has more than 4,000 titles, with series punched into one. There are actually about 9,000 individual episodes and movies. That is quite a few hours of content and quite a selection to choose from. Lovefilm also has some content and comedies from Amazon Studios.

Catfishing: Could it Happen to You?

Of course it couldn’t! At least, that’s what many viewers of the hit MTV show Catfish seem to think.

While many of the victims of “catfishing” are cleverly strung along, other situations really make viewers raise an eyebrow and wonder how much of the show is faked. One such episode involved a young lady who believed she was in an online relationship with Bow Wow, a popular music star. Even the show’s hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, were skeptical, saying that the situation was ‘ridiculous’. So why did they decide to pursue this episode when the desired outcome was so unlikely? One reason— money!catfish-the-show-mtv

That’s correct—money was the reason. Not for them, though. Keyonnah had received a generous gift of  $10,000 from her online admirer. Considering only the considerably wealthy could afford such a gift, there was some skeptical optimism that the party on the other end of the line could’ve actually been Bow Wow. As is typical of the show’s participants, Keyonnah had been interacting with somebody for months, but the two hadn’t met or even video chatted. Suspicion is always raised when the other party makes continual excuses for not meeting or showing who they are on video. This is rightfully so, as the effort and internet speed required to accomplish such tasks is scant. Most computers come with built in webcams as well. Very fishy, if I do say so!


Well, the guys start digging and discover the phone number is registered to somebody not very far from Keyonnah in terms of geographical distance. Strike one. Keyonnah also said the money was sent by a Larry Brown, an individual the other party claimed to be Bow Wow’s personal assistant. A contact at MTV confirms Larry isn’t Bow Wow’s assistant. Strike two. The guys text the other party and get more excuses as to why him and Keyonnah cannot meet. Strike three. Keyonnah becomes convinced it isn’t Bow Wow, and quickly falls to the sadness and cries.

While we can relate to her frustration and disappointment, it’s hard to think that somebody could actually believe they’ve hooked up with a celeb over Facebook. Regardless, Keyonnah and the guys go to meet this person who is talking to Keyonnah. They take a trip to Atlanta, where the person claims they are for the night. When they arrive, they knock on the door and….it’s Bow Wow!

catfish-mat-clientJust kidding! It’s actually a 23-year-old girl named Dee. Keyonnah reacts with understandable anguish, and  it is also revealed that the person on the phone with Keyonnah was actually Dee’s cousin relaying messages. Talk about messed up! Dee states that she still wants to help Keyonnah and remain close to her. This begs the question of where the financial assistance actually came from. Dee claims she’s a successful rapper who gets paid for shows, but the guys are unable to find anything about her on the internet. Later, Dee admits she borrows hefty sums of money from friends that she never pays back. Can’t say anyone could truly blame Keyonnah for not wanting to stay involved with such an individual!

Months later, the two no longer keep in touch, though Dee wants to. While this episode was unique, there are many “catfished” individuals who we feel sorry for. The lies some weave can be oh so intricate, and there are many phonies out there. The show definitely makes you think twice about who you may be talking to!

Time Warner Cable Deals in New York City Will Help Your Family

Checked the Time Warner Cable Packages in New York, NY lately? Some home programming providers offer a certain amount of channels and features, but try to make it sound like more. Or, they charge so much for the services they do offer, that its hard to afford the other things you need. With similar services and varied pricing, these providers can blend in with each other, making it hard to find one that stands out above the rest. If you are looking for a good service provider, with affordable pricing, check Time Warner Cable Offers in New York City.

This provider in the Big Apple offers tons of top television channels, in digital standard and HD. Time Warner Cable TV also provides the benefit of DVR technology, a device that records these channels so you can watch them on your time. Along with a DVR, you get a remote that can rewind, pause and fast forward through your recorded selections. Time Warner Cable TV gives the additional benefit of On Demand programming.

When you use the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Controls with the On Demand content, you can even rewind, pause and fast forward your new movie releases. There’s nothing outside of your control with this provider, including the content your children watch. Get complimentary Parental Controls with every service.

Time Warner Cable is one of the leading service providers in New York City, so they stand out on great services. Since they offer Bundled service packages, they also stand above the competition on pricing.

Gab Away
Another feature that sets Time Warner Cable apart is the unlimited local and long distance calling service this provider offers their customers. Not only can you make your phone calls when you want to, but you can do it more affordably. Call any location in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico and pay the same low monthly rate. Take advantage of digital telephone features like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling and more to manage your calls the way you like- at no additional charge.

Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service also provides International calls. All of your calling needs can met through one phone service that gives you what you need and want.

Broadband Internet Action
When you give 110%, you want the same in return. Time Warner Cable Internet Promotions in New York, NY can give you this and more. 50 Mbps can really stand out from the competition, especially when you are downloading online games in seconds. Upload your pics, or download HD movies without waiting.

These services also come with Parental Controls and online security. You don’t have to pay extra for these services. Affordability is a part of this service.

Monthly Savings in the Big Apple
TWC bundled service packages are an easy way to save time and money. You should be able to enjoy your services, not feel chained to them. When you Bundle programming, internet and home phone services through NYC Time Warner Cable, you can get time saving online bill pay options. Bundles allow you to pay for three services at one time.

Sign up for one of the Time Warner Cable Bundled Packages in New York City, pay one bill, at one rate and you can budget in advance. Save money now with a company that is the best in the business. Check  out the current promotional offers right now!

Charter Communications Helps You Do More

When you have work, the kids have school and the everybody is on a different schedule, life can get hectic. When do you get the time you need for personal relaxation? Charter TV wants to provide for your personal entertainment needs at home. This provider puts everything you need at your fingertips, so that you have less running around to do and more time to enjoy yourself.

Use the On Demand and Specials and Events options this provider gives. Get new movie releases or live action events that make it quick and easy to get quality entertainment at home. The Charter TV On Demand selection offers thousands of choices that are available 24/7, making it easy and convenient for you.

Charter TV also provides hundreds of channels, in HD and standard, so no matter what type of TV you have, you can get the programming you want, in the format you need.

When you want to catch up on the season’s top series, just record it. You can make your own marathons and watch them on your own time. You have options with this provider that allow you to fit your personal time into your busy schedule.

Wireless Freedom
Charter Internet provides top WiFi services for up to ten devices, at speeds that reach over 50 Mbps. You can connect to the net from your gaming console, tablet, iPhone, iPad or laptop. Relax with TV programming or with your favorite social site. The choice is yours.

Charter Internet also offers online security software that provides protection from malware and from Parental Controls. You can keep your personal information private while you surf, chat, bank online and network. Your children can get online with more protection while they play their games and talk to friends and family all over the world.

This provider offers several different internet packages, so you are sure to find the one that fits your online needs the best.

Catch Up Affordably
When you need to reach friends and family all over the country, don’t pay to call long distance. Charter Phone offers unlimited local and long distance calls within the US for a set monthly rate. Pay one rate and get one service that provides for all of your home calling needs. This service even comes with digital calling features and digital voice mail for no additional charge.

When you have to make those overseas calls, Charter Phone provides International rates. These rates are low enough that you can talk when you need to, without paying expensive monthly rates you don’t want.

Bundled Joy
You have a set monthly budget to operate in. Charter Cable can give you money-saving discounts in a Bundled service package. Get the three home services you need, in one monthly bill, for one monthly rate. You can even pay this bill online, so you spend less time with checks and stamps. Don’t spend more than you should. Get everything you need, at the price you want, with Charter Cable.

Time Warner Cable Helps the Entire Family

After the homework is done, supper has been served and the children are tucked in, its nice to be able to relax. There’s not a better way to do it than to curl up on the couch with your favorite shows or sports. Time Warner Cable TV makes this possible.

Your turn at the TV can be exciting and entertaining if you have the right content. Many shows are on when you are the busiest, so device your own customized lineup with a DVR, or HD-DVR. Record only the shows, movies and sports you want to watch and leave the rest behind.
Get programming from several television channels at one time, so you never have to miss a thing. Rewind, pause and fast forward through it, so you watch every minute of them.

You can also watch something from the On Demand selection. Get instant access to movies, music and sports, or watch a new movie release, straight out of Hollywood. You can enjoy the peace and quiet, while you get your relaxation time.

Network On The Go
When you get wireless service through Time Warner Cable Internet, you can roam freely about your house. Use the amazing 50 Mbps speeds to get online between children, or to bank and update your status.

Use the free security software and Parental Controls to keep malware off your device, protect your personal information safe and your children off the sites they are not supposed to be on.

If you would rather watch content online, or play online games, you can with this service. Your children can get on, while you are, or you can tuck them in and annihilate your opponents on your multi-player games.

Higher speeds and less lag make this service worth the small monthly rate. You can relax to great programming, or to the incredibly high broadband speeds Time Warner Cable Internet offers.

Talk Is Cheap
Your day isn’t always complete without returning phone calls or messages. Get unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, and you never have to worry about your bill, again.

Allow your children to talk, or catch up with old friends. This telephone service comes with digital calling features that make receiving and placing calls easy. They are already included in the price, so you never pay extra.

Use the Caller ID on the TV feature to avoid getting up when you don’t have to, at the end of a long day. Use the digital voice mail to return calls you missed at dinner. You can even use this service to make your International calls, so you have a complete calling service in one phone package.

Combined Savings
Finding time to relax is only have the battle. Finding the money you need in the monthly budget can be the other half. Time Warner Cable offers bundled service packages to help you save money and relax! Get a bundle, with programming, phone and internet and you can save while you surf, watch your programming and talk.