Time Warner Cable Helps the Entire Family

After the homework is done, supper has been served and the children are tucked in, its nice to be able to relax. There’s not a better way to do it than to curl up on the couch with your favorite shows or sports. Time Warner Cable TV makes this possible.

Your turn at the TV can be exciting and entertaining if you have the right content. Many shows are on when you are the busiest, so device your own customized lineup with a DVR, or HD-DVR. Record only the shows, movies and sports you want to watch and leave the rest behind.
Get programming from several television channels at one time, so you never have to miss a thing. Rewind, pause and fast forward through it, so you watch every minute of them.

You can also watch something from the On Demand selection. Get instant access to movies, music and sports, or watch a new movie release, straight out of Hollywood. You can enjoy the peace and quiet, while you get your relaxation time.

Network On The Go
When you get wireless service through Time Warner Cable Internet, you can roam freely about your house. Use the amazing 50 Mbps speeds to get online between children, or to bank and update your status.

Use the free security software and Parental Controls to keep malware off your device, protect your personal information safe and your children off the sites they are not supposed to be on.

If you would rather watch content online, or play online games, you can with this service. Your children can get on, while you are, or you can tuck them in and annihilate your opponents on your multi-player games.

Higher speeds and less lag make this service worth the small monthly rate. You can relax to great programming, or to the incredibly high broadband speeds Time Warner Cable Internet offers.

Talk Is Cheap
Your day isn’t always complete without returning phone calls or messages. Get unlimited local and long distance calling to the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, and you never have to worry about your bill, again.

Allow your children to talk, or catch up with old friends. This telephone service comes with digital calling features that make receiving and placing calls easy. They are already included in the price, so you never pay extra.

Use the Caller ID on the TV feature to avoid getting up when you don’t have to, at the end of a long day. Use the digital voice mail to return calls you missed at dinner. You can even use this service to make your International calls, so you have a complete calling service in one phone package.

Combined Savings
Finding time to relax is only have the battle. Finding the money you need in the monthly budget can be the other half. Time Warner Cable offers bundled service packages to help you save money and relax! Get a bundle, with programming, phone and internet and you can save while you surf, watch your programming and talk.