Television streaming on all devices and services compared

Which TV Streaming Service is Right For You?

It was only a very short time ago, a few years ago even, that most people watched their TV shows on a schedule. The broadcasters of course, planned this schedule out in advance.  If something important was going on when your TV show was running you were just out of luck. Since that time things have changed quite drastically and TV has evolved to accommodate our own schedule.

Some people still choose to watch television on satellite TV or cable TV, but a lot of other options are now available which allow us to watch online videos basically whenever we want. With Internet or Wifi we can watch TV just about anyplace, any time. We can enjoy our entertainment on the big television screen or on our phones, tablets, and computers. The options have definitely expanded from where they were ten years ago.

There are a lot of possibilities for the future of TV, who knows what a year or ten years may hold. Whatever that may be, and there are a lot of theories, we do know for certain that here and now there are a plethora of TV streaming services. All of them are a little different, from the content they offer, to the way you can view your shows, to the prices. The best TV streaming service really just depends on your needs and wants; what is most important to you. There are a lot of different options and elements to explore when you consider the best TV streaming service you.


Netflix streaming service online television

You have most likely heard of Netflix and you probably even know quite a bit about it. Netflix has two different services integrated into one. You can select movies to be sent to you in the mail and you can browse through their online selection. Netflix is competing with other similar service providers, like Amazon’s Lovefilm, for example.

Some people consider Netflix to be a somewhat pricey option for a TV streaming service, and there are cheaper choices out there. Plus, the other downside is that you can’t download content to a device and watch it somewhere else when you don’t have WiFi. Netflix still operates on a variety of different devices, including many game consoles, tablets, computers, iOS devices, Internet-enabled TVs, Apple TV, Blue-ray players, and more. So, basically, if you go with Netflix you will be able to watch it.

Sometimes it is frustrating finding a movie or TV show you love on Netflix. They do have a great and impressive selection of content, but definitely not everything. There are evidently around 6,000 movie titles on Netflix, so many people say that it is a good choice for movie buffs. Netflix also boasts some pretty popular original content, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Hulu Plus

Hulu tv streaming Original The Mindy Project

One major competitor in league with Netflix is Hulu Plus. Although Hulu does offer a selection of free content, in order to view full seasons and the rest of the Hulu library you will need to subscribe. Rates are about the same as Netflix at $8 a month. Hulu also offers one major perk that gives it an edge over other streaming providers. Rather than being able to stream content months or even a year after airing, Hulu has a selection of next-day shows that can be viewed almost immediately after they air on television. Of course there is also Hulu original content like The Thick of It, The Mindy Project, The Path, and others. One of the biggest downsides to Hulu is the fact that they have ads–unless you pay a few extra dollars per month.

BBC iPlayer

BBC Iplayer streaming television online

The BBC is a very popular and long-standing British television network that has brought entertainment to Britain for many decades. The United States even enjoys a lot of the TV shows which air on this great station. Before the iPlayer even hit the market requests were being made for it.

The BBC iPlayer is essentially an online catch-up facility and it is an extremely popular service. Most of the content on the iPlayer consists of TV shows, but there are some movies. The content on the service may be viewed for at least seven days after it has been made available, but sometimes the content stays on for longer.

If you are a frequent flyer or you make a lot of commutes, the iPlayer offers a pretty cool advantage you may like (if you like the BBC and it is available in your area.) You can download content from the BBC unto your iPad or iPhone via an app and then take the entertainment with you when you leave. It will expire after a period of 30 days, so it is not as though you own the content, but this should give you plenty of time to watch your favorite shows. iPlayer also features high definition content.

Besides all this, iPlayer allows you to watch live TV too. The live TV viewed on the BBC iPlayer is mostly sports broadcasts. It even broadcasts the radio. Overall it is a pretty versatile service.

ITV Player

ITV streaming movies and television online app

This popular service was previously called ITV Online.  They offer quite a few programs that can be found on cable and satellite broadcasted channels. This is why it is one good option for those who may be thinking about switching from cable but want to enjoy a lot of the same content. In general the service is pretty popular but there are advertisements that clutter the available content.

What is sort of unfortunate about ITV is that they will charge for older archive content and shows that initially broadcasted more than a week previous.


Youtube television red streaming new

You may not quite think of Youtube as a streaming TV service, but it was definitely one of the biggest Internet revolutions of the 21st centuries and it does offer a selection of video entertainment, so to speak. When talking about actual television and movies Youtube doesn’t really fit the bill at all, but they do have a vast selection of videos, and sometimes the videos do relate to movies and TV. In fact, you can also rent content from YouTube as well. Flicks are usually a couple of dollars.

YouTube has given every ordinary individual the power and ability to create entertaining videos, which is pretty awesome. You can find a ton of content onYouTube and it is usually quite sufficient for entertainment and even education.

Plus, of course, YouTube is free and you can watch it anywhere, anytime as long as you have Internet and a device that will support it.

LoveFilm Instant

Lovefilm instant show

One of the biggest advantages, which LoveFilm has over Netflix, is their postal add-on service, which features a pretty impressive selection of Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. As for instant streaming, Lovefilm has more than 4,000 titles, with series punched into one. There are actually about 9,000 individual episodes and movies. That is quite a few hours of content and quite a selection to choose from. Lovefilm also has some content and comedies from Amazon Studios.

Why did Simon Cowell Leave American Idol?

There is no person more synonymous with American Idol than Simon Cowell.  Cowell, who is a staple in the music industry, was a judge on the singing show from its beginnings in 2002 until 2010, when he left the program. In those many years, Cowell proved himself to be the most critical judge of the three, offering honest and practical critiques rather than sugar coating anything.

simon-cowellCowell was known for being far harsher than either of his co-judges, though he was also praised for his honesty regarding the potential and the performances of people hoping to become the next American Idol.

American Idol is arguably Cowell’s most public success. It was one of the reasons he became a household name in the 200s, after all. Why, then, did Simon Cowell choose to leave American Idol?

There may be several factors at play here. By the time Cowell left in 2010, the “original three” judges had been split up. The replacements that Fox chose were not nearly as interesting nor did they have as entertaining a dynamic with Cowell—such as his frequency snarky battles with original judge Paula Abdul. Abdul, who was well known for her tendency to be exceptionally soft-hearted when offering criticism or declining the people who were auditioning, did not always agree with Cowell’s more direct criticisms.

simon-cowell-interviewAnother factor that may have played a part in his decision to leave the show was his desire for more input in the production of the show—in other words, he may have wanted more creative control over American Idol than the Fox network was willing to give him. By leaving for another show, on which he has creative control, Cowell may have been deciding to give up the more popular show for a risk that he believed was worth it.

Of course, a very logical reason that Cowell may have decided to leave was that he simply felt it was his time. simon-cowell-interview-explainationHe may have been bored with American Idol or felt that the program was stagnating, especially after so many years on the air. It is not uncommon for actors or participations to decide to leave a longstanding show, especially if they want to pursue different parts of their career.  It may very well be that Cowell believed it was his time to leave the American Idol spotlight for a show of his own. Watch Simon on several different television programs online by clicking here.

Super Fun Night TV Series

Super fun or super blah? That has been the typical reaction to Rebel Wilson’s new show, Super Fun Night  Viewers seem to be unsure of how to feel about it, implying that it is neither impressive nor dreadful. The Pitch Perfect star is known for her humorous performances and is quite popular among those who enjoy her type of humor. The show had very high expectations, and perhaps that is what has lead to some disappointment. Nevertheless, Wilson’s first attempt at writing and starring in her own show is nowhere near awful and may just mature into comedic gold.


superfunnightIn her show, Rebel plays Kimmie, a lawyer who has never had a boyfriend and is a little immature for her professional environment. In true Rebel fashion, many of the jokes are at her own expense and may not impress those who are familiar with her work and have seen it before. Those who don’t enjoy her type of humor might just find it straight up boring. The writing can seem a bit simplistic and dull at times, but the show is still enjoyable to watch because Rebel Wilson is a treat in herself.


Kimmie has two roommates- Helen-Alice and Marika- who are just as desperate as Kimmie herself. One can’t help but feel for Kimmie as rival Kendall (played by Kate Jenkinson, who fits the mold perfectly) gives Kimmie a hard time. Kendall also battles for the attention of Richard, a co-worker both girls have their sights set on. Overall, the actors are successfully roled and make the show funny- lack of talent is definitely not an issue in this series.


In a recent episode, Kimmie and her roommates sign up together for a ‘group dating’ website. When they get no hits, Kimmie embellishes their profiles and makes them sound like models and exotic, successful beauties. This nets them dates at a karaoke club that Friday, and Kimmie starts freaking out about their dates and singing in front of people. Kimmie invites Kendall who declines, saying she’s busy, but then she shows up at the club to upstage and embarrass Kimmie. This almost backfires as Kimmie’s rendition of Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love” was quite good. Not good enough, though, as Kendall walks away smugly, trophy in hand. This is fine, because the girls are ready to head home for their ‘consolation pizzas’, and Kendall invites herself along.

“It’s consolation pizza, Kendall. It’s not for winners,” was Richard’s witty reply. It was also sufficiently satisfying to see Kendall knocked down a peg, despite her vocal victory.


Hearing Wilson sing is always wonderful, and the show holds potential if Wilson improves her writing a bit. While impressive in Wilson’s dedication and hard work, the show’s plots are a tad stale and the humor is nothing we haven’t seen from Wilson before. For example, when asked what exactly she ‘wouldn’t do for love’, she plainly replied “butt stuff”. While enjoyable, there’s only so many times butt jokes are funny for audiences. Hopefully there will be some ‘consolation pizzas’ on hand if Super Fun Night doesn’t take off. Here’s to hoping it does- Wilson is a very unique television personality who is good at what she does. Click here to watch this and other great television programming with Dish Network Packages.

Night Court

NBC owned the TV night slots during my adolescent.  With Cheers and then Seinfeld right after, I couldn’t help but tune in week after week.  I loved both of these shows with a passion and watched every episode, all the way into college.  But they were not the only ones I watched.  I also watched Night Court, starring Harry Anderson as the hip, unorthodox judge of a Manhattan night court.
Night Court

Since it aired on Thursday nights right after Cheers, it was a simple thing to just sit there and keep watching.  That’s what they want, right?  Keep on watching after the show you wanted to originally watch is over and you might even like the show that follows.  Easy.

For Night Court, at least the next show was funny.  It started off a bit dry, with mostly deadpan, real life humor but it loosened up in latter seasons and I liked that better, even though it did get a bit silly at times.  It was Dan Fielding vs. Christine Sullivan every night in the court, as public defender and prosecuting attorney respectively.  I don’t even remember the pubic defenders that came before here but there were two.  Who cares?  Markie Post was Christine, the smoking hot little spitfire that had to deal with John Larroquette’s sexual advances as the insatiable Dan Fielding.


This three ring circus was advocated over by the judge Harry Stone, played Harry Anderson.  He was too young, too inexperienced to be any kind of judge and it is only revealed later on how he fell backwards into the position by accident.  He was a sweet natured guy that more often than not gave the accused criminal the benefit of the doubt, much to the chagrin of Fielding.

The other supporting characters were well done and memorable, including Mac, the clerk and the two main bailiffs, Roz and Bull.  Bull was played by the lovable but extremely intimidating Richard Moll, a total monster if there ever was one.  What was he, eight feet tall or something?


Night Court had a great energy to it and never went too far off the track before ending gracefully.  You can watch many of the old episodes online when you sign up for one of the Comcast XFINITY Internet Plans.

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Wireless Freedom
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Red 2

Red 2
Red 2

In “Red”, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is no stranger to danger but when he retires, he just wants a nice, normal life. When a six-man assassination team breaks into his house and tries to kill him, he has to get his old team back in the game to find his attackers before they kill him.

Frank realizes the people trying to kill him have bugged his phone. Since retiring, he has gotten lonely and torn up his pension checks to have an excuse to call the office, saying they have never arrived. When he realizes his phone has been tapped, he races to go save the customer service representative from possible danger. Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) plays the customer service rep. Frank Moses has to kidnap her to save her life when she doesn’t believe her life is in danger. With his old team helping and Sarah bound in duct tape, Moses follows the clues to save his life and hers. The movie was quietly released in 2010 and has received high ratings since then.

The plot expands into the story a reporter was working on before he is killed. The trail of clues take the team into New Orleans as they make their way through assassins and classified secrets. The movie ends with Frank Moses returning a favor to an old friend. It leaves Moses and Marvin (John Malkovich) running for their lives. Marvin is wearing a dress as he sits in the getaway vehicle that Moses is pushing- a wheel barrel.

Now, “Red 2” has been set for release in July 2013. It stars Bruce Willis as Frank Moses, Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah and John Malkovich as Marvin. Together, they fight powerful adversaries and high standing officials in government to stop a nuclear weapon from falling into enemy hands.

Asheville Attorney Perry Fisher Celebrates 5 Years of Highest Legal Rating

When an attorney receives a favorable Martindale-Hubbell rating, it is an
honor. The Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating provides an honest
assessment of an attorney’s professional capability with an unbiased look
at the ethical standard that he or she operates with. The review looks at
evaluations given from other lawyers and by the judiciary in Canada and
the US. These reviews cannot be bought or cajoled by mutual nominations.
They must be earned through experience, high professional standards and
expertise in legal skills that are above common or average performance.

Perry Fisher, of Fisher Stark Cash, P.A., a legal firm in Asheville, NC, has received an
AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell for the last five consecutive
years. Fisher Stark Cash, P.A., the office Perry practices from, has also
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Martindale-Hubbell rating possibly attained. It is awarded based on
anonymous information given by attorneys and judges practicing in the same
area of law. This information is collected and combined to build an
ethical and professional picture of the attorney being reviewed. Only
about five percent of the current number of lawyers in the US ever
achieves such a rating.

Upon receiving this high review for the fifth consecutive year, Fisher
responded, “I am very honored and humbled to receive this professional
distinction from my peers recognizing what I feel is a history of
providing outstanding service to my clients, and I look forward to
continuing to serve my clients.”

Perry Fisher started practicing law in wrongful death, personal injury and
traumatic brain injury law in 1987. He has experience in representing
personal injury plaintiffs in more than 140 jury trials. Fisher is
dedicated to serving his community and his clients.