What To Expect From Tomorrowland?


The new science fiction mystery adventure film, Tomorrowland, was produced and co-written by Bird and Damon Lindelof and directed by Brad Bird. Tomorrowland was first introduced by Walt Disney Pictures under the title 1952, but Tomorrowland seemed more suitable given the fact that the film revolves around a futuristic themed land. The movie’s release date is scheduled for May 22nd, 2015.


Sean Bailey of Walt Disney Studios green-lit the project in June of 2011 during the time that Damon Lindelof made it official he would write and produce the film. Brad Bird was hired as director in May of 2012 and George Clooney appeared on the scene in November of the same year. In February of 2013 Hugh Laurie joined the movie. On October 9th, 2014 the teaser trailer was released and a sneak-peak will be revealed in mid-April.

George Clooney stars in Tomorrowland as the grizzled inventor Frank Walker; Hugh Laurie will be playing the part of David Nix; Britt Robertson as Casey Newton; Tim McGraw as Casey’s die-hard father; Thomas Robinson as Frank Walker in his earlier days; Raffey Cassidy as Athena; and Kathryn Hahn as Ursula. Keegan-Michael Key; Garry Chalk; and Judy Greer are also included in the cast of Tomorrowland.
The synopsis is somewhat mysterious by this point as Disney may want to keep the story secret until it is released, but so far the following is floating around the internet. The boy-genius, 11-year-old Frank Walker first discovered Tomorrowland in another dimension at the 1964 World Fair. There he encountered David Nix, the villain, and Athena who he would fall in love with. Eventually Frank came to learn that Athena was a robot, sometime after which Nix threw him out of Tomorrowland. Frank does not come into play again until he is much older, and Nix is the corrupt mayor of Tomorrowland.
Young, optimistic, and bright Casey, the hero, becomes a pivotal part of the story along with Athena who has not aged since Frank last saw her. They work together on a mission to save the world and uncover the secrets buried in Tomorrowland. Initially it was assumed that Tomorrowland might involve the extraterrestrial, possibly even some connection to Star Wars, but now it is beginning to appear that won’t be the case. Tomorrowland is likely going to be a science fiction tale centered around robots and separate dimensions. There are not yet any reviews about the film since it has not been released, so people can only speculate at how the movie will play out with what they know—the cast, director, writer, and so forth. Anticipation is high about the new movie which has yet to be released to the public.

Will Once Upon a Time’s Mulan End Up With Aurora?


ABC’s once upon a Time is one of their most popular shows, especially among the young adult audience; the series, which is inspired by various fairy tales and classic literature stories, is currently in the middle of its 4th season. Throughout the show’s multiple seasons, it has introduced a number of different characters, storylines, and relationships. While many of the show’s relationships are based on their fairytale counterparts—Snow White and Prince Charming being the most notable example—the show has introduced relationships that go outside their traditional stories.

One of the most popular examples of this has been the storyline of Mulan and Aurora. Both characters were introduced in the beginning of season 2 and have showed up sporadically since the middle of that season. In season 3, it was revealed that Mulan, played by Jamie Chung, secretly loved Aurora. Mulan decided to reveal this love to Aurora after a speech given by Robin Hood, however, when she went to tell Aurora about her feelings, Aurora first revealed that she and Philip were expecting a child. Mulan decided not to say anything and joined Robin Hood’s band—though she has not been seen since that episode.

Despite the general lack of Mulan and Aurora since the third season, many fans have been wondering if the writers may decide to end up with Mulan and Aurora together. Let’s take a closer look at two of the main arguments for and against the writers going with this relationship.

For: The two have more of an established bond

Mulan and Aurora have more of an established bond than Aurora and Philip, or even Mulan and Philip. The second season made it very obvious that Mulan—who initially was somewhat cold to Aurora, due to her perception of Aurora as a helpless princess—grew to care about her very much, even risking her life to save Aurora. Aurora returned that favor and the two definitely developed a close relationship.

Against: It would mean breaking up a canon couple

As of yet, the show has never fully broken up a “canon” couple, or a couple that was together in the fairy tales or Disney film counterparts. Mulan and Aurora ending up together would mean that Philip and Aurora would have to end their relationship, which seems like an unlikely move. Especially since Aurora has already had Philip’s child. Just jump over here to find additional entertainment options via the Internet.

A Quick Guide to the Television Roles of Lisa Edelstein




Lisa Edelstein is an American actress who is best known for her long-running role on the hit medical drama series, House M.D. In addition to her work in television, Edelstein has also made numerous appearances in feature films; her film work includes roles in films such as As Good as It Gets, What Women Want, Daddy Day Care and Special Delivery. But it is her work on television that has made Lisa Edelstein a household name. The following is a quick guide to her television roles, including her award winning performance on House M.D.

Early Television Career

Lisa Edelstein’s first television roles include various guest spots on popular sitcoms and other television shows of the early 1990s. Her early roles included guest roles in L.A. Law, Mad about You, Seinfeld, Wings, and The Larry Sanders Show.

First Television Breaks

In 1995, Edelstein got her first big break in television when she was cast as a recurring guest role in the show Almost Perfect. Edelstein as cast as Patty Karp, who appeared in a total of 9 episodes from 1995 to 1997.

Edelstein landed another recurring role when she was cast as the voice of Mercy Graves in Superman: the Animated Series in 1995. In 1996, she was cast as Rhonda Roth in the short-lived ABC television show, Relativity. Edelstein appeared in 17 episodes before the show was cancelled.

Lengthy Guest Roles

Throughout the late 1990s and early 00s, Edelstein was once again cast in recurring guest roles. These roles include a 5 episode stint on The West Wing; a 5 episode character run in Ally McBeal; a 6 episode arc on Felicity and Leap of Faith; and a 2 episode guest role in The Practice.


In 2004, Edelstein was cast in what has become her most famous television role: that of Lisa Cuddy in House M.D. Edelstein received multiple awards during her Tim eon the show, including a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress and a nomination from the Screen Actors Guild for Outstanding Performance. She appeared on the show from 2004 to 2011, clocking in at 153 episodes.

After House

After her time on House, Edelstein has returned to TV several times to play guest roles and voice animated characters. Her most notable voice acting role was the voice of Kya in The Legend of Korra. She is currently starring in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.  Click here to check out other entertainment options.

Arrow TV Series

In the story of Oliver Queen, the character that plays the part of the hooded vigilante, Arrow (CW)  life is full of duality and lies. Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, is known for his money and good looks, but it is what lies underneath that is helping to clean up a city full of crime.


arrowAs a native of Starling City, citizens watched as Oliver Queen rose to notoriety as one of the richest and most lavish playboys in the city. With his billionaire father’s money, Queen took full advantage of the life that money could buy and gave little thought to the consequences of his actions for himself and others.


As part of his lavish and carefree life, Oliver and his father took a trip on the family yacht. This trip ended in disaster as the yacht was torn apart in a violent storm, leading to the death of his girlfriend’s sister. As he and his father floated through the ocean, under an unforgiving sun, with no food or water, Oliver’s father reveals a notebook to his son. This notebook has the name of all current or past business partners that have benefited mutually with the Queens in illicit business deals. As his last request, Mr. Queen asks Oliver to survive and make it back to the city to make amends for the family. Oliver Queen spends the next five years on a deserted island but he eventually makes it back to the US to perform his father’s last request.


In the process of spending five years on a deserted island, Oliver Queen begins to learn more about himself. It is an opportunity for him to think of the people he has wronged in his past and a time to plan for the amends he wants to make when he returns. One of the people at the top of his list is his ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance. He feels guilty because he cheated on Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy, with her sister, who ultimately died in the ill-fated yachting trip. He feels responsible for the death of Laurel’s sister and for cheating on her. On the island, Oliver goes through many trials, running for his life from mercenaries and finding a friend in one of the refugees. It was the opportunity he needed to learn different styles of fighting and disciplines that would help him when he made it back home. He was also taught the art of archery, which helped earn him the nickname given to him by the police- the Arrow.


Eventually, Oliver is aided in his escape from the island and he returns a changed and broken man. He first seeks reconciliation with his mother and sister and then his best friend. He never reveals his last conversation with his father to anyone but sets to work on keeping his word. His mission is to use the notebook given by his father as a guide to help right the wrongs that have been committed by the Queen family, as well as its business partners. He also wants to see Starling City restored to the place it once was, a place that was safe from the perils of the indifferent elite that used money as a weapon against the poor. Through the Arrow’s efforts, things slowly begin to change for the occupants of Starling City. However, Laurel’s father, Detective Quentin Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne, seems to completely loath the Arrow. His mission in life is to take the Arrow down, no matter what it costs.


As the Arrow, Oliver Queen takes on the dark, seedy element that has moved into his city while he was stranded on the island. In finding out about the criminal element, he finds out about the past his family has, including his mother, who is even more cold and calculating than he ever thought possible. As he learns, he has to redefine what he thinks he knows about the people around him, even while he puts on a facade of his own.


The Arrow needs an accomplice to aid him in his mission. There is no one closer to Oliver Queen than his chauffeur, John Diggle, played by David Ramsey. Diggle gets roped into helping the Arrow out of concern for his well-being, saving his life on more than one occasion. As vigilantes, the duo takes on the criminals and faces the family secrets together, leaving Starling City a better place to live even while they evade the authorities bent on stopping them.  Click here to check sign up for Charter Cable and see the next exciting episodes.

Catfishing: Could it Happen to You?

Of course it couldn’t! At least, that’s what many viewers of the hit MTV show Catfish seem to think.

While many of the victims of “catfishing” are cleverly strung along, other situations really make viewers raise an eyebrow and wonder how much of the show is faked. One such episode involved a young lady who believed she was in an online relationship with Bow Wow, a popular music star. Even the show’s hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, were skeptical, saying that the situation was ‘ridiculous’. So why did they decide to pursue this episode when the desired outcome was so unlikely? One reason— money!catfish-the-show-mtv

That’s correct—money was the reason. Not for them, though. Keyonnah had received a generous gift of  $10,000 from her online admirer. Considering only the considerably wealthy could afford such a gift, there was some skeptical optimism that the party on the other end of the line could’ve actually been Bow Wow. As is typical of the show’s participants, Keyonnah had been interacting with somebody for months, but the two hadn’t met or even video chatted. Suspicion is always raised when the other party makes continual excuses for not meeting or showing who they are on video. This is rightfully so, as the effort and internet speed required to accomplish such tasks is scant. Most computers come with built in webcams as well. Very fishy, if I do say so!

Well, the guys start digging and discover the phone number is registered to somebody not very far from Keyonnah in terms of geographical distance. Strike one. Keyonnah also said the money was sent by a Larry Brown, an individual the other party claimed to be Bow Wow’s personal assistant. A contact at MTV confirms Larry isn’t Bow Wow’s assistant. Strike two. The guys text the other party and get more excuses as to why him and Keyonnah cannot meet. Strike three. Keyonnah becomes convinced it isn’t Bow Wow, and quickly falls to the sadness and cries.

While we can relate to her frustration and disappointment, it’s hard to think that somebody could actually believe they’ve hooked up with a celeb over Facebook. Regardless, Keyonnah and the guys go to meet this person who is talking to Keyonnah. They take a trip to Atlanta, where the person claims they are for the night. When they arrive, they knock on the door and….it’s Bow Wow!

Just kidding! It’s actually a 23-year-old girl named Dee. Keyonnah reacts with understandable anguish, and  it is also revealed that the person on the phone with Keyonnah was actually Dee’s cousin relaying messages. Talk about messed up! Dee states that she still wants to help Keyonnah and remain close to her. This begs the question of where the financial assistance actually came from. Dee claims she’s a successful rapper who gets paid for shows, but the guys are unable to find anything about her on the internet. Later, Dee admits she borrows hefty sums of money from friends that she never pays back. Can’t say anyone could truly blame Keyonnah for not wanting to stay involved with such an individual!

Months later, the two no longer keep in touch, though Dee wants to. While this episode was unique, there are many “catfished” individuals who we feel sorry for. The lies some weave can be oh so intricate, and there are many phonies out there. The show definitely makes you think twice about who you may be talking to!

Why did Simon Cowell Leave American Idol?

There is no person more synonymous with American Idol than Simon Cowell.  Cowell, who is a staple in the music industry, was a judge on the singing show from its beginnings in 2002 until 2010, when he left the program. In those many years, Cowell proved himself to be the most critical judge of the three, offering honest and practical critiques rather than sugar coating anything.

simon-cowellCowell was known for being far harsher than either of his co-judges, though he was also praised for his honesty regarding the potential and the performances of people hoping to become the next American Idol.

American Idol is arguably Cowell’s most public success. It was one of the reasons he became a household name in the 200s, after all. Why, then, did Simon Cowell choose to leave American Idol?

There may be several factors at play here. By the time Cowell left in 2010, the “original three” judges had been split up. The replacements that Fox chose were not nearly as interesting nor did they have as entertaining a dynamic with Cowell—such as his frequency snarky battles with original judge Paula Abdul. Abdul, who was well known for her tendency to be exceptionally soft-hearted when offering criticism or declining the people who were auditioning, did not always agree with Cowell’s more direct criticisms.

Another factor that may have played a part in his decision to leave the show was his desire for more input in the production of the show—in other words, he may have wanted more creative control over American Idol than the Fox network was willing to give him. By leaving for another show, on which he has creative control, Cowell may have been deciding to give up the more popular show for a risk that he believed was worth it.

Of course, a very logical reason that Cowell may have decided to leave was that he simply felt it was his time. He may have been bored with American Idol or felt that the program was stagnating, especially after so many years on the air. It is not uncommon for actors or participations to decide to leave a longstanding show, especially if they want to pursue different parts of their career.  It may very well be that Cowell believed it was his time to leave the American Idol spotlight for a show of his own. Click here to find out more about seeing Simon on other television programs.

Super Fun Night TV Series

Super fun or super blah? That has been the typical reaction to Rebel Wilson’s new show, Super Fun Night  Viewers seem to be unsure of how to feel about it, implying that it is neither impressive nor dreadful. The Pitch Perfect star is known for her humorous performances and is quite popular among those who enjoy her type of humor. The show had very high expectations, and perhaps that is what has lead to some disappointment. Nevertheless, Wilson’s first attempt at writing and starring in her own show is nowhere near awful and may just mature into comedic gold.


superfunnightIn her show, Rebel plays Kimmie, a lawyer who has never had a boyfriend and is a little immature for her professional environment. In true Rebel fashion, many of the jokes are at her own expense and may not impress those who are familiar with her work and have seen it before. Those who don’t enjoy her type of humor might just find it straight up boring. The writing can seem a bit simplistic and dull at times, but the show is still enjoyable to watch because Rebel Wilson is a treat in herself.


Kimmie has two roommates- Helen-Alice and Marika- who are just as desperate as Kimmie herself. One can’t help but feel for Kimmie as rival Kendall (played by Kate Jenkinson, who fits the mold perfectly) gives Kimmie a hard time. Kendall also battles for the attention of Richard, a co-worker both girls have their sights set on. Overall, the actors are successfully roled and make the show funny- lack of talent is definitely not an issue in this series.


In a recent episode, Kimmie and her roommates sign up together for a ‘group dating’ website. When they get no hits, Kimmie embellishes their profiles and makes them sound like models and exotic, successful beauties. This nets them dates at a karaoke club that Friday, and Kimmie starts freaking out about their dates and singing in front of people. Kimmie invites Kendall who declines, saying she’s busy, but then she shows up at the club to upstage and embarrass Kimmie. This almost backfires as Kimmie’s rendition of Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love” was quite good. Not good enough, though, as Kendall walks away smugly, trophy in hand. This is fine, because the girls are ready to head home for their ‘consolation pizzas’, and Kendall invites herself along.


“It’s consolation pizza, Kendall. It’s not for winners,” was Richard’s witty reply. It was also sufficiently satisfying to see Kendall knocked down a peg, despite her vocal victory.


Hearing Wilson sing is always wonderful, and the show holds potential if Wilson improves her writing a bit. While impressive in Wilson’s dedication and hard work, the show’s plots are a tad stale and the humor is nothing we haven’t seen from Wilson before. For example, when asked what exactly she ‘wouldn’t do for love’, she plainly replied “butt stuff”. While enjoyable, there’s only so many times butt jokes are funny for audiences. Hopefully there will be some ‘consolation pizzas’ on hand if Super Fun Night doesn’t take off. Here’s to hoping it does- Wilson is a very unique television personality who is good at what she does. Click here to watch this and other great television programming on Dish Network Satellite TV.

Night Court

NBC owned the TV night slots during my adolescent.  With Cheers and then Seinfeld right after, I couldn’t help but tune in week after week.  I loved both of these shows with a passion and watched every episode, all the way into college.  But they were not the only ones I watched.  I also watched Night Court, starring Harry Anderson as the hip, unorthodox judge of a Manhattan night court.
Night Court

Since it aired on Thursday nights right after Cheers, it was a simple thing to just sit there and keep watching.  That’s what they want, right?  Keep on watching after the show you wanted to originally watch is over and you might even like the show that follows.  Easy.

For Night Court, at least the next show was funny.  It started off a bit dry, with mostly deadpan, real life humor but it loosened up in latter seasons and I liked that better, even though it did get a bit silly at times.  It was Dan Fielding vs. Christine Sullivan every night in the court, as public defender and prosecuting attorney respectively.  I don’t even remember the pubic defenders that came before here but there were two.  Who cares?  Markie Post was Christine, the smoking hot little spitfire that had to deal with John Larroquette’s sexual advances as the insatiable Dan Fielding.

This three ring circus was advocated over by the judge Harry Stone, played Harry Anderson.  He was too young, too inexperienced to be any kind of judge and it is only revealed later on how he fell backwards into the position by accident.  He was a sweet natured guy that more often than not gave the accused criminal the benefit of the doubt, much to the chagrin of Fielding.

The other supporting characters were well done and memorable, including Mac, the clerk and the two main bailiffs, Roz and Bull.  Bull was played by the lovable but extremely intimidating Richard Moll, a total monster if there ever was one.  What was he, eight feet tall or something?

Night Court had a great energy to it and never went too far off the track before ending gracefully.

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