5 Hot Internet of Things to Expect in 2017

2017 is the year of Internet of Things. No, this is not yet another typical industry prophecy which will be repeated come 2018. There are clear indications that a lot of bugs that plagued the IoT industry for the past couple of years have been plugged.

While it is not perfect yet, it is surely taking off and amassing users. For this reason, brands will be forced to adopt this technology or adapt to the challenges it poses. Below are some of the biggest IoT changes to be expected in 2017.

Voice Assistants Will Become Integral Members of Our Home

With Siri, Apple showed that voice assistants can be cool and useful at the same time. But, Siri continues to be a plaything of the tech savvy. It is Amazon that got the mainstream consumers using a voice assistant for their daily needs.

With Echo and Alexa, Amazon has successfully entered the homes of even those who cannot recognize it as an IoT product. The success of a technology product is in its acceptance by the mainstream consumers, not the hobbyists or tech bloggers. Therefore, unlike Apple’s Siri, Google Now, or Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s success with its voice assistant technology is truly a milestone in this industry.

This has paved the way for Google Home voice assistant, which promises a deep integration across your entire digital life with your Google account. Perhaps, voice is the bait the consumers were waiting for to get pulled into the world of IoT.

Advanced Wearables

At the moment, wearables continue to be those fancy new things that most consumers do not see much value in. However, there has been a steady increase in the number of early adopters of these devices, which in turn has resulted in a surge in data collected from those devices.

Using this data, brands, developers, manufacturers, and data scientists will be able to analyze and understand the usage patterns of the users. They can then come up with more features which will be useful to a broader set of consumers.

As more consumers use the technology, it will in turn increase the data collected from them exponentially. This virtuous cycle will fire up a cutthroat competition in IoT devices and technology, which will percolate to better IoT products across industries.

Data Retrieval

The data from wearables will be put to similar applications as data from social media. In the case of wearables, the brands will start developing custom algorithms to retrieve specific data that they need to make decisions about their brands and products.

Going forward, this will spawn a whole new industry with access to consumer wearables-generated data. They will then offer their services to brands and businesses to help them make better decisions. That’s right, exactly like social media.

Thanks to such algorithms, brands will be able to analyze the effect of their marketing campaigns in real time, and make improvements to them. Needless to say, such data will be worth millions, and perhaps even billions, of dollars to the right players in the market.

Security of IoT Devices and Data

Considering the potential worth of all the data generated from IoT devices, they will be at an increased risk of attacks from elements looking to sell it in the shadow market. In anticipation of such attacks, IoT manufacturers and businesses developing softwares for them will be under increased pressure to develop secure systems to protect their consumers’ data.

At present, because of the limited market penetration of IoT devices, their security infrastructure is not as “secure” as one would hope it to be. But, as their penetration has increased this year, security will finally take the center stage in the product development and maintenance life cycles.

Smart Cities Are Not in the Far Future Anymore

Despite what many people believe, government departments are usually among the first to accept new technology if it is capable of delivering immediate tangible benefits. The technology heads of some of the biggest municipalities in the US are realizing the practical benefits of IoT products and services.

Cost savings, increased safety, better quality of life, and direct boost to local businesses are some of the areas where IoTs can work wonders. So tomorrow, don’t be surprised if you come across smart lightings, smart parking centers, smart meters, smart healthcare systems, and so on in your neighborhood. It is all part of the same evolving organism that is IoT, which is here to improve your life in every possible way.



Sling TV Review: 2 Years Later

TV viewers in the US had come to hate their cable operators after years of bad service, high pricing, and poorly designed packages. Forced contracts that meant the users could go nowhere else added to the sentiment. Not that they could go anywhere either for that matter, because every cable operator was equally substandard. Then came the era of streaming services, and the most disgruntled cable users were quick to jump ship and enjoy their freedom with streaming services.

But, they did miss their live TV and sports channels immensely. Two years ago, Sling TV put a proverbial final nail in the coffin of cable operators by solving this problem too, at least so it seemed then. Sling TV was a milestone even for the streaming industry. It brought live TV to the streaming audience, a first of its kind. You could now enjoy cable TV without having to suffer the problems that come with cable connections. It is now time to analyze whether the service has delivered on its promises or not. Here you go.

Cable TV for Cord-Cutters

Yes, that’s pretty much how the Sling TV was packaged for its audience. For the most part, it has delivered on its promises – both good and bad. Take for instance, Sling TV does offer a good number of cable channels to its users. It even brings sports channels like ESPN, which are not available with any other streaming service, for its users. The bad is that Sling TV viewers have to sit through as many ads as the cable subscribers. For TV Networks, advertising revenue is the biggest source of revenue, which they understandably can’t give up easily. It is only reasonable that the channels come with ads, no matter how they are aired, on the cable or on the internet. As for the viewer, this subjects them to a significantly inferior experience, when compared with the bevy of ad-free streaming services in the market.


Much of the pomp and show about Sling TV was about its customized packages to suit individual tastes of the viewers. It also prided itself on offering the users custom packages that charge them only for the channels that they want to enjoy. As most of us hardly watch the bulk of the channels in our cable package, Sling TV simply sought to get rid of those channels that you don’t watch. In line with this promise, Sling TV plans are compact and smartly designed. The basic plan, which costs just $20 per month, sports 30+ channels. Although it is not much, you can add add-ons, niche programming, and premium channels to your plans to customize them to your liking. The expansion packs each cost $5 per month, and offers you all the high quality premium programming that was available on cable TV.

Multi-Device Streaming

Before you get all hyper about this feature, please know that the multi-device streaming from Sling TV is not the same as it is offered by other online video streaming services. If you were hoping that you would be able to streaming Sling TV on multiple devices simultaneously, like Netflix allows you to, you would be wrong. Yes, the Sling TV does allow you to enjoy television on a variety of devices. But, at any given time, you can access the Sling TV account on only one device. This means that to access Sling TV on your smartphone, you have to exit the app on your set top box or any other device on which it is running. This is a huge pain.

The absence of simultaneous multi-device access means that the entire family is forced to sit and watch the same program. The kids, the teens, and the adults face the same issue that they always did with cable connections – watching a common program. More often than not, this program is not the one ‘liked by all’, but the one ‘least hated by all’.


Flexibility and Choice

Cable companies are notorious for forcing their customers to sign multi-year contracts, trapping them for the long term. Although the subscription prices in the introductory period are attractive, once that period is over, the customers are charged exorbitant prices. In contrast, streaming services never force their customers to sign any contracts, and most of them are amazingly inexpensive. Sling TV does a good job on both of these factors. You can enjoy Sling TV without ever signing any contracts. Moreover, for the most part, the pricing of Sling TV is more competitive with streaming services than with the cable services, except in case of higher plans.

You pay for only a month of Sling TV service, at the end of which, you can continue with the present plan, or create a new plan by yourself. There is no doubt that Sling TV is way more flexible and offers a lot more choices in comparison to its cable counterparts.

Some of the channels also offer a 3-Day Replay feature. Although this is not the same as a DVR facility, (which is not available with Sling TV), it does come handy when you are unable to enjoy an anticipated show or movie at its original airing time.

Ad Experience

From the get go, Sling TV was positioned as a cable TV service for cord-cutters. Well, one of the reasons why cord-cuttings are cutting the cord is the never-ending advertising on the TV Networks. They don’t have to suffer through pesky ads on streaming services. This is one of the important factors that make streaming services so popular in America today. Sling TV falls flat in this respect. Sling TV has the exact same number of ads as the cable connections, which is a lot. At least with respect to the ad experience, Sling TV is no better than a cable connection.

On-Demand Content

This is a glaring omission from the service’s bouquet of features. Viewers do not have the choice of picking a show or movie of their liking and watching it, which is possible with almost all the other streaming services. Whereas, the viewers get full access all the premium networks’ content online, when they add the respective channels to their Sling TV package.


Television streaming on all devices and services compared

Which TV Streaming Service is Right For You?

It was only a very short time ago, a few years ago even, that most people watched their TV shows on a schedule. The broadcasters of course, planned this schedule out in advance.  If something important was going on when your TV show was running you were just out of luck. Since that time things have changed quite drastically and TV has evolved to accommodate our own schedule.

Some people still choose to watch television on satellite TV or cable TV, but a lot of other options are now available which allow us to watch online videos basically whenever we want. With Internet or Wifi we can watch TV just about anyplace, any time. We can enjoy our entertainment on the big television screen or on our phones, tablets, and computers. The options have definitely expanded from where they were ten years ago.

There are a lot of possibilities for the future of TV, who knows what a year or ten years may hold. Whatever that may be, and there are a lot of theories, we do know for certain that here and now there are a plethora of TV streaming services. All of them are a little different, from the content they offer, to the way you can view your shows, to the prices. The best TV streaming service really just depends on your needs and wants; what is most important to you. There are a lot of different options and elements to explore when you consider the best TV streaming service you.


Netflix streaming service online television

You have most likely heard of Netflix and you probably even know quite a bit about it. Netflix has two different services integrated into one. You can select movies to be sent to you in the mail and you can browse through their online selection. Netflix is competing with other similar service providers, like Amazon’s Lovefilm, for example.

Some people consider Netflix to be a somewhat pricey option for a TV streaming service, and there are cheaper choices out there. Plus, the other downside is that you can’t download content to a device and watch it somewhere else when you don’t have WiFi. Netflix still operates on a variety of different devices, including many game consoles, tablets, computers, iOS devices, Internet-enabled TVs, Apple TV, Blue-ray players, and more. So, basically, if you go with Netflix you will be able to watch it.

Sometimes it is frustrating finding a movie or TV show you love on Netflix. They do have a great and impressive selection of content, but definitely not everything. There are evidently around 6,000 movie titles on Netflix, so many people say that it is a good choice for movie buffs. Netflix also boasts some pretty popular original content, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Hulu Plus

Hulu tv streaming Original The Mindy Project

One major competitor in league with Netflix is Hulu Plus. Although Hulu does offer a selection of free content, in order to view full seasons and the rest of the Hulu library you will need to subscribe. Rates are about the same as Netflix at $8 a month. Hulu also offers one major perk that gives it an edge over other streaming providers. Rather than being able to stream content months or even a year after airing, Hulu has a selection of next-day shows that can be viewed almost immediately after they air on television. Of course there is also Hulu original content like The Thick of It, The Mindy Project, The Path, and others. One of the biggest downsides to Hulu is the fact that they have ads–unless you pay a few extra dollars per month.

BBC iPlayer

BBC Iplayer streaming television online

The BBC is a very popular and long-standing British television network that has brought entertainment to Britain for many decades. The United States even enjoys a lot of the TV shows which air on this great station. Before the iPlayer even hit the market requests were being made for it.

The BBC iPlayer is essentially an online catch-up facility and it is an extremely popular service. Most of the content on the iPlayer consists of TV shows, but there are some movies. The content on the service may be viewed for at least seven days after it has been made available, but sometimes the content stays on for longer.

If you are a frequent flyer or you make a lot of commutes, the iPlayer offers a pretty cool advantage you may like (if you like the BBC and it is available in your area.) You can download content from the BBC unto your iPad or iPhone via an app and then take the entertainment with you when you leave. It will expire after a period of 30 days, so it is not as though you own the content, but this should give you plenty of time to watch your favorite shows. iPlayer also features high definition content.

Besides all this, iPlayer allows you to watch live TV too. The live TV viewed on the BBC iPlayer is mostly sports broadcasts. It even broadcasts the radio. Overall it is a pretty versatile service.

ITV Player

ITV streaming movies and television online app

This popular service was previously called ITV Online.  They offer quite a few programs that can be found on cable and satellite broadcasted channels. This is why it is one good option for those who may be thinking about switching from cable but want to enjoy a lot of the same content. In general the service is pretty popular but there are advertisements that clutter the available content.

What is sort of unfortunate about ITV is that they will charge for older archive content and shows that initially broadcasted more than a week previous.


Youtube television red streaming new

You may not quite think of Youtube as a streaming TV service, but it was definitely one of the biggest Internet revolutions of the 21st centuries and it does offer a selection of video entertainment, so to speak. When talking about actual television and movies Youtube doesn’t really fit the bill at all, but they do have a vast selection of videos, and sometimes the videos do relate to movies and TV. In fact, you can also rent content from YouTube as well. Flicks are usually a couple of dollars.

YouTube has given every ordinary individual the power and ability to create entertaining videos, which is pretty awesome. You can find a ton of content onYouTube and it is usually quite sufficient for entertainment and even education.

Plus, of course, YouTube is free and you can watch it anywhere, anytime as long as you have Internet and a device that will support it.

LoveFilm Instant

Lovefilm instant show

One of the biggest advantages, which LoveFilm has over Netflix, is their postal add-on service, which features a pretty impressive selection of Blu-Ray discs and DVDs. As for instant streaming, Lovefilm has more than 4,000 titles, with series punched into one. There are actually about 9,000 individual episodes and movies. That is quite a few hours of content and quite a selection to choose from. Lovefilm also has some content and comedies from Amazon Studios.

House of Cards

Very few topics can be as powerful and full of intrigue as those that talk about the rise to power through the use of manipulation. This has always been a very thin line that people sometimes dare to cross, while others will do anting they can in order to avoid falling into this kind of games. House of cards is a TV show that reminds us of Machiavelli’s famous quote “the end justifies the means”.  The whole show is basically about how people sometimes have to do the unpleasant thing, but this is many times going to be the necessary thing.

House of Cards brings in the outstanding performances of Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as the two main characters in this show. They are pragmatic, they are cunning and they are willing to do anything to achieve what they want. The show basically talks about what it takes to get a head in the political world and how ugly things can get in the process. This is political drama at its finest and who better to perform this role than Kevin Spacey. Robin Wright brings a very powerful female role to the mix and they both create the perfect combo that has turned this show into such a powerful hit.

The first season of the show actually received a total of nine nominations at the Primetime Emmy awards.  They received a special achievement award at the webby awards in 2013. That same year Kevin Spacey was nominated best actor in a drama series at the critic’s choice television awards and Corey Stoll got nominated for best supporting actor in a drama series. David Finch won for outstanding directing for a drama series that year at the Primetime Emmy awards, Lara Maylfield for casting and Eigil Bryld for outstanding cinematography.


The year 2014 brought the show a win for new series by the writers guild of America award show and then Robin Wright won best actress at the Golden Globe Awards. This was a turning point for the show and it allowed for more people to notice this amazing series and start watching the show. Plenty of other nominations has been given to the show up to this point, but the most rewarding. Then the year 2015 has brought another major win for the show with Kevin Spacey receiving the screen actors guild award for outstanding performance by a male actor in a drama series. Robin Wright was also nominated for the same award in the female category. The Golden Globe Awards best actor for a television series drama also went to Kevin Spacey and once again Robin Wright was nominated to the same award.

The show is going to continue for a fourth season that is scheduled to begin filming in 2016. This is truly a show that is worth watching because it shows the darker side of human nature when it comes to playing games of power and struggling to reach the positions that are most coveted. Most people say that they would never do anything that would compromise their morality, but there is definitely the element of not knowing how you would react if you happen to be thrown into the kind of environment that requires that you behave a certain way to survive.

house-of-cards-reporterIf you want to start watching House of Cards now, you can catch the show in Netflix and we guarantee that you will not be able to put it down once you start. This is the kind of show that will get you glued to your seat from beginning to end. The drama basically never stops, but it gets done in a very clever way. Just click over to this website to find out how to watch previous, current and future episodes online.

How New TV Sources Affect Cable and Satellite TV

cable-tv-providers-generalFor many years, decades, even, satellite TV and cable TV have been in the houses of most families, providing a primary and common source of entertainment. Nearly every home has had some subscription to cable or satellite TV, and even more homes have televisions in them. It is of little wonder that in the past several years things have been evolving when it comes to our entertainment. The rise of Netflix and Hulu have witnessed the fall of Blockbuster and other popular places to rent movies which have coexisted with cable for many years.There is some debate going around about how streaming television services will affect other more traditional TV providers, and while some say the end of cable is eminent others argue that cable will be around for a while longer.

Netflix is really the leader and primary aggressor against cable. It rose up in 2007 and by 2012 Netflix had a customer base of 27 million people. After Netflix appeared on the scene Hulu and Amazon Instant arrived as competitors against Netflix. One of the biggest reasons for the success of companies like Netflix rests in the number of people who spend time on the internet. Another important factor and connection in this entire equation is the way devices our evolving so that people can enjoy internet on their flat screen TVs and are not reduced to a mere laptop. Through gaming devices and blue ray players people are able to watch Netflix and Hulu on their television screens.


The truth of the matter is that gradually people are giving up cable TV and satellite TV and moving on to options like Netflix. As the interest moves towards alternatives to cable, technology changes in a way to support these developments, competitors blossom, and in general the world of entertainment adapts and conforms. Although the change is gradual, and there are still a vast majority of people who pay for cable, change has nevertheless been the trend.

cable-tv-providers-general-world-wideOne area in which a more drastic change can be observed is the very small percentage of people who now get their TV over the air by antenna directly from a local TV broadcast station. The percentage has dropped to below 10 percent recently. This has had a very bad impact on channels like CBS who once received payment from Time Warner, but Time Warner ended up dropping CBS because they didn’t want to pay as much as CBS had in mind.

Even though it seems bleak for cable TV, the majority of people still have cable alongside internet TV. Some people argue that cable TV is not near its end because it can still provide certain things which Netflix, Youtube, and Hulu can not yet compensate for. They cannot, for example, stream live events such as sports. There are some sources who actually argue that the future of cable is still very much alive, and that its survival will depend primarily on industry regulation. As an example, even though Comcast has lost a lot of its clients recently, it has actually seen an increase in profits. Cable TV and satellite TV still offer the most diversity and they are still in demand, and so far, it looks like things will stay relatively the same.

What To Expect From Tomorrowland?

The new science fiction mystery adventure film, Tomorrowland, was produced and co-written by Bird and Damon Lindelof and directed by Brad Bird. Tomorrowland was first introduced by Walt Disney Pictures under the title 1952, but Tomorrowland seemed more suitable given the fact that the film revolves around a futuristic themed land. The movie’s release date is scheduled for May 22nd, 2015.


Sean Bailey of Walt Disney Studios green-lit the project in June of 2011 during the time that Damon Lindelof made it official he would write and produce the film. Brad Bird was hired as director in May of 2012 and George Clooney appeared on the scene in November of the same year. In February of 2013 Hugh Laurie joined the movie. On October 9th, 2014 the teaser trailer was released and a sneak-peak will be revealed in mid-April.

George Clooney stars in Tomorrowland as the grizzled inventor Frank Walker; Hugh Laurie will be playing the part of David Nix; Britt Robertson as Casey Newton; Tim McGraw as Casey’s die-hard father; Thomas Robinson as Frank Walker in his earlier days; Raffey Cassidy as Athena; and Kathryn Hahn as Ursula. Keegan-Michael Key; Garry Chalk; and Judy Greer are also included in the cast of Tomorrowland.
The synopsis is somewhat mysterious by this point as Disney may want to keep the story secret until it is released, but so far the following is floating around the internet. The boy-genius, 11-year-old Frank Walker first discovered Tomorrowland in another dimension at the 1964 World Fair. There he encountered David Nix, the villain, and Athena who he would fall in love with. Eventually Frank came to learn that Athena was a robot, sometime after which Nix threw him out of Tomorrowland. Frank does not come into play again until he is much older, and Nix is the corrupt mayor of Tomorrowland.
Young, optimistic, and bright Casey, the hero, becomes a pivotal part of the story along with Athena who has not aged since Frank last saw her. They work together on a mission to save the world and uncover the secrets buried in Tomorrowland. Initially it was assumed that Tomorrowland might involve the extraterrestrial, possibly even some connection to Star Wars, but now it is beginning to appear that won’t be the case. Tomorrowland is likely going to be a science fiction tale centered around robots and separate dimensions. There are not yet any reviews about the film since it has not been released, so people can only speculate at how the movie will play out with what they know—the cast, director, writer, and so forth. Anticipation is high about the new movie which has yet to be released to the public.

Will Once Upon a Time’s Mulan End Up With Aurora?


ABC’s once upon a Time is one of their most popular shows, especially among the young adult audience; the series, which is inspired by various fairy tales and classic literature stories, is currently in the middle of its 4th season. Throughout the show’s multiple seasons, it has introduced a number of different characters, storylines, and relationships. While many of the show’s relationships are based on their fairytale counterparts—Snow White and Prince Charming being the most notable example—the show has introduced relationships that go outside their traditional stories.


One of the most popular examples of this has been the storyline of Mulan and Aurora. Both characters were introduced in the beginning of season 2 and have showed up sporadically since the middle of that season. In season 3, it was revealed that Mulan, played by Jamie Chung, secretly loved Aurora. Mulan decided to reveal this love to Aurora after a speech given by Robin Hood, however, when she went to tell Aurora about her feelings, Aurora first revealed that she and Philip were expecting a child. Mulan decided not to say anything and joined Robin Hood’s band—though she has not been seen since that episode.

Despite the general lack of Mulan and Aurora since the third season, many fans have been wondering if the writers may decide to end up with Mulan and Aurora together. Let’s take a closer look at two of the main arguments for and against the writers going with this relationship.

For: The two have more of an established bond

Mulan and Aurora have more of an established bond than Aurora and Philip, or even Mulan and Philip. The second season made it very obvious that Mulan—who initially was somewhat cold to Aurora, due to her perception of Aurora as a helpless princess—grew to care about her very much, even risking her life to save Aurora. Aurora returned that favor and the two definitely developed a close relationship.once-upon-a-time-crew

Against: It would mean breaking up a canon couple

As of yet, the show has never fully broken up a “canon” couple, or a couple that was together in the fairy tales or Disney film counterparts. Mulan and Aurora ending up together would mean that Philip and Aurora would have to end their relationship, which seems like an unlikely move. Especially since Aurora has already had Philip’s child. Just go to this website to find more online entertainment options with Charter Spectrum Internet.

A Quick Guide to the Television Roles of Lisa Edelstein



Lisa Edelstein is an American actress who is best known for her long-running role on the hit medical drama series, House M.D. In addition to her work in television, Edelstein has also made numerous appearances in feature films; her film work includes roles in films such as As Good as It Gets, What Women Want, Daddy Day Care and Special Delivery. But it is her work on television that has made Lisa Edelstein a household name. The following is a quick guide to her television roles, including her award winning performance on House M.D.

Early Television Career

Lisa Edelstein’s first television roles include various guest spots on popular sitcoms and other television shows of the early 1990s. Her early roles included guest roles in L.A. Law, Mad about You, Seinfeld, Wings, and The Larry Sanders Show.

lisa-edelstein-awards-show First Television Breaks

In 1995, Edelstein got her first big break in television when she was cast as a recurring guest role in the show Almost Perfect. Edelstein as cast as Patty Karp, who appeared in a total of 9 episodes from 1995 to 1997.

Edelstein landed another recurring role when she was cast as the voice of Mercy Graves in Superman: the Animated Series in 1995. In 1996, she was cast as Rhonda Roth in the short-lived ABC television show, Relativity. Edelstein appeared in 17 episodes before the show was cancelled.

Lengthy Guest Roles

Throughout the late 1990s and early 00s, Edelstein was once again cast in recurring guest roles. These roles include a 5 episode stint on The West Wing; a 5 episode character run in Ally McBeal; a 6 episode arc on Felicity and Leap of Faith; and a 2 episode guest role in The Practice.


In 2004, Edelstein was cast in what has become her most famous television role: that of Lisa Cuddy in House M.D. Edelstein received multiple awards during her Tim eon the show, including a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress and a nomination from the Screen Actors Guild for Outstanding Performance. She appeared on the show from 2004 to 2011, clocking in at 153 episodes.

lisa-edelstein-interviewAfter House

After her time on House, Edelstein has returned to TV several times to play guest roles and voice animated characters. Her most notable voice acting role was the voice of Kya in The Legend of Korra. She is currently starring in Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce. Click here to check out other entertainment options.

Arrow TV Series

In the story of Oliver Queen, the character that plays the part of the hooded vigilante, Arrow (CW)  life is full of duality and lies. Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, is known for his money and good looks, but it is what lies underneath that is helping to clean up a city full of crime.


arrowAs a native of Starling City, citizens watched as Oliver Queen rose to notoriety as one of the richest and most lavish playboys in the city. With his billionaire father’s money, Queen took full advantage of the life that money could buy and gave little thought to the consequences of his actions for himself and others.


As part of his lavish and carefree life, Oliver and his father took a trip on the family yacht. This trip ended in disaster as the yacht was torn apart in a violent storm, leading to the death of his girlfriend’s sister. As he and his father floated through the ocean, under an unforgiving sun, with no food or water, Oliver’s father reveals a notebook to his son. This notebook has the name of all current or past business partners that have benefited mutually with the Queens in illicit business deals. As his last request, Mr. Queen asks Oliver to survive and make it back to the city to make amends for the family. Oliver Queen spends the next five years on a deserted island but he eventually makes it back to the US to perform his father’s last request.


In the process of spending five years on a deserted island, Oliver Queen begins to learn more about himself. It is an opportunity for him to think of the people he has wronged in his past and a time to plan for the amends he wants to make when he returns. One of the people at the top of his list is his ex-girlfriend, Laurel Lance. He feels guilty because he cheated on Laurel, played by Katie Cassidy, with her sister, who ultimately died in the ill-fated yachting trip. He feels responsible for the death of Laurel’s sister and for cheating on her. On the island, Oliver goes through many trials, running for his life from mercenaries and finding a friend in one of the refugees. It was the opportunity he needed to learn different styles of fighting and disciplines that would help him when he made it back home. He was also taught the art of archery, which helped earn him the nickname given to him by the police- the Arrow.

Eventually, Oliver is aided in his escape from the island and he returns a changed and broken man. He first seeks reconciliation with his mother and sister and then his best friend. He never reveals his last conversation with his father to anyone but sets to work on keeping his word. His mission is to use the notebook given by his father as a guide to help right the wrongs that have been committed by the Queen family, as well as its business partners. He also wants to see Starling City restored to the place it once was, a place that was safe from the perils of the indifferent elite that used money as a weapon against the poor. Through the Arrow’s efforts, things slowly begin to change for the occupants of Starling City. However, Laurel’s father, Detective Quentin Lance, played by Paul Blackthorne, seems to completely loathe the Arrow. His mission in life is to take the Arrow down, no matter what it costs.


As the Arrow, Oliver Queen takes on the dark, seedy element that has moved into his city while he was stranded on the island. In finding out about the criminal element, he finds out about the past his family has, including his mother, who is even more cold and calculating than he ever thought possible. As he learns, he has to redefine what he thinks he knows about the people around him, even while he puts on a facade of his own.

The Arrow needs an accomplice to aid him in his mission. There is no one closer to Oliver Queen than his chauffeur, John Diggle, played by David Ramsey. Diggle gets roped into helping the Arrow out of concern for his well-being, saving his life on more than one occasion. As vigilantes, the duo takes on the criminals and faces the family secrets together, leaving Starling City a better place to live even while they evade the authorities bent on stopping them.  Click here to check sign up for Charter Cable and see the next exciting episodes.

Catfishing: Could it Happen to You?

Of course it couldn’t! At least, that’s what many viewers of the hit MTV show Catfish seem to think.

While many of the victims of “catfishing” are cleverly strung along, other situations really make viewers raise an eyebrow and wonder how much of the show is faked. One such episode involved a young lady who believed she was in an online relationship with Bow Wow, a popular music star. Even the show’s hosts, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, were skeptical, saying that the situation was ‘ridiculous’. So why did they decide to pursue this episode when the desired outcome was so unlikely? One reason— money!catfish-the-show-mtv

That’s correct—money was the reason. Not for them, though. Keyonnah had received a generous gift of  $10,000 from her online admirer. Considering only the considerably wealthy could afford such a gift, there was some skeptical optimism that the party on the other end of the line could’ve actually been Bow Wow. As is typical of the show’s participants, Keyonnah had been interacting with somebody for months, but the two hadn’t met or even video chatted. Suspicion is always raised when the other party makes continual excuses for not meeting or showing who they are on video. This is rightfully so, as the effort and internet speed required to accomplish such tasks is scant. Most computers come with built in webcams as well. Very fishy, if I do say so!


Well, the guys start digging and discover the phone number is registered to somebody not very far from Keyonnah in terms of geographical distance. Strike one. Keyonnah also said the money was sent by a Larry Brown, an individual the other party claimed to be Bow Wow’s personal assistant. A contact at MTV confirms Larry isn’t Bow Wow’s assistant. Strike two. The guys text the other party and get more excuses as to why him and Keyonnah cannot meet. Strike three. Keyonnah becomes convinced it isn’t Bow Wow, and quickly falls to the sadness and cries.

While we can relate to her frustration and disappointment, it’s hard to think that somebody could actually believe they’ve hooked up with a celeb over Facebook. Regardless, Keyonnah and the guys go to meet this person who is talking to Keyonnah. They take a trip to Atlanta, where the person claims they are for the night. When they arrive, they knock on the door and….it’s Bow Wow!

catfish-mat-clientJust kidding! It’s actually a 23-year-old girl named Dee. Keyonnah reacts with understandable anguish, and  it is also revealed that the person on the phone with Keyonnah was actually Dee’s cousin relaying messages. Talk about messed up! Dee states that she still wants to help Keyonnah and remain close to her. This begs the question of where the financial assistance actually came from. Dee claims she’s a successful rapper who gets paid for shows, but the guys are unable to find anything about her on the internet. Later, Dee admits she borrows hefty sums of money from friends that she never pays back. Can’t say anyone could truly blame Keyonnah for not wanting to stay involved with such an individual!

Months later, the two no longer keep in touch, though Dee wants to. While this episode was unique, there are many “catfished” individuals who we feel sorry for. The lies some weave can be oh so intricate, and there are many phonies out there. The show definitely makes you think twice about who you may be talking to!